Download Bloons TD 6 [MOD Unlimited Money] for Android

Download Bloons TD 6 [MOD Unlimited Money] for Android
Author:ninja kiwi
OS:Requires Android - 5.0 and up
Bloons TD 6 is a well-known mobile game in the Tower Defense genre, released by Kiwi Ninja. Since its release in mid-2018, the game has received more than 1 million purchases on Google Play.

In the game, you will become the commander of a monkey army ready to destroy balloons. The bubbles will constantly attack your tower. They will move along a certain path. All you have to do is build a defense system along the path to keep the balloons off the map. Your enemies will constantly attack, and the enemies are different, with different skills. To build a strong defense system, players must be astute in choosing the right weapons and heroes.

Defense first

Bloons are the main weapon the enemy uses to disrupt your defenses. They are flying bubbles with different structures. In which Lead Bloons are the most challenging for players. They are made of metal, so they are difficult to destroy. In addition, the camouflage of the Bloons also gives you quite a bit of difficulty. To destroy the different types of Bloons, players need to use the appropriate heroes and weapons.

Pumping System

Unlike previous versions, in Bloons TD 6 the lab is replaced by knowledge points. You can get them in different ways. For example, when players upgrade all towers to level 30, you will get extra points with each upgrade.

There are 6 knowledge trees, each of which will help players improve their abilities for certain Towers. Each type of knowledge points offers certain benefits to players. For example, More Money. This perk helps to get 200 extra money after each match. The mana shield is also very important, located at the bottom of the magic knowledge tree. He has the ability to create a shield that protects your base.

Heroic Towers

The heroic tower is new in Bloons TD 6. There are 5 heroes available for players to choose from. You can unlock these heroes with money. The initial amount of ownership of the heroes is quite high. However, you don't have to worry about the cost of upgrading. The heroes will be upgraded automatically. Upgrading towers is also important because it allows you to increase your defensive power. Special towers can destroy special enemies that are immune to a certain type of damage.


Bloons TD 6 is a defensive strategy game with simple gameplay suitable for players of all ages. Although the complexity of the game may depress some players, we are sure that you will spend hundreds of hours playing this addictive game. The graphics of Bloons TD 6 are done in bright colors with nice animations. We will watch the battles with a third-person camera. The movements and effects are also very smooth when the speed of the game is high.

Mod Features:

Unlimited Money
Download Bloons TD 6 [MOD Unlimited Money] for AndroidDownload Bloons TD 6 [MOD Unlimited Money] for AndroidDownload Bloons TD 6 [MOD Unlimited Money] for AndroidDownload Bloons TD 6 [MOD Unlimited Money] for Android » Strategy » Download Bloons TD 6 [MOD Unlimited Money] for Android