Download Episode - Choose Your Story [MOD Diamonds] for Android

Download Episode - Choose Your Story [MOD Diamonds] for Android
Author:Episode Interactive
OS:Requires Android - 7.0 and up
Episode - Choose Your Story is a great entertaining game with a huge database of stories from different genres and themes, such as friendship, love, adventure or mystery adventure. The game is free, but to play it you will need an internet connection.

In this article we present you the latest version of the game with all the episodes available at the moment. We also have a mod for you. In this mod, you can use an unlimited amount of gems so that you can easily unlock all the episodes of the stories.

Gameplay in Episode - Choose Your Story

Episode is a storytelling game. If you have ever played a game of the same genre, it is very easy to get used to the mechanics. First, the player will choose a favorite theme and play the role of the protagonist of that story. Dialogue is the focus. Most dialogue will be automatically displayed that players can't interfere with.

In some situations, players will have to choose dialogue or decide to act for their character. A decision or line you make can make the story move in a new direction. You can anger someone or befriend them. It all depends on your choices. You can then replay the episode and take a different action to see how the story unfolds with a different choice.

There are a huge number of stories in the game. They are created in different styles, with different storylines and their own characters. As for the stories, they all belong to different genres. You can choose stories from certain genres without having to explore them all.

Right now, "Episode - Choose Your Story" has all 8 genres: drama, fantasy, romance, comedy, action, adventure and thriller. As you can see, all of the categories are different and each has unique traits.

Unlock episodes.

Gems are the only currency in Episode. They help players buy outfits or unlock important decisions. These decisions will lead the story to a more interesting ending. Also, gems are really hard to earn. You can get them when you complete part or all of the story. The amount is quite small. If you want more gems, you can buy them in the game store or by downloading our modification.

In addition, each story includes many episodes. Not all of them are unlocked from the beginning. Usually you can only play the first few episodes in each story. If you want to continue, you need to have what are called "skips". The skips have a yellow "Play Button" icon, which is the key to unlocking a story. Like gems, you can buy "skips" in the game store.

In addition, the game also allows players to get skips for free by completing tasks. You can check the list of tasks by clicking on the scroll icon in the lower right corner. These tasks are not difficult to complete, such as reading 4 chapters in a certain amount of time. However, the number of tasks is quite small. Therefore, the number of skips you can get is limited.

Don't worry if you liked this game, but you don't have enough gems to unlock everything. We will provide you with the latest version of Episode - Choose Your Story and a modification to it. This version already has everything unlocked for free, and there are unlimited gems from the beginning.

Episode - Choose Your Story.

Episode - Choose Your Story's unique design.
One of the perks of Episode - Choose Your Story is the style. Unlike some games of the same genre, the characters in the game are not only displayed as still images, but also perform a lot of nice and attractive actions. Sometimes you look at what's happening on the display like you're watching a movie.

Create your own story

You can create your own story and publish it to other players. To get the attention of many people, your story has to be really appealing and unique. So, how do you get ideas for a story? One way to find out the number of players interested in certain stories is to access the story genre. The stories that many people are watching will appear in the first section. You can also find the most popular stories in the "What's New This Week" section. Participating in the game's community is also an effective way to find out which stories are popular.

Your story can be read by thousands of other players. You must remember that the lines in the story must be short and without grammatical errors. Unfortunately, stories cannot be created in Russian. Only in English. So that your story can attract more players, you can share it in social networks or send it to your friends.

Features of the mod:

Task skipping
Many diamonds
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