Download The Sims FreePlay [MOD Money] for Android

Download The Sims FreePlay [MOD Money] for Android
OS:Requires Android - 4.4 and up
The Sims FreePlay, released for android, is a spin-off of The Sims series, the ultimate human life simulator. The game was developed by Firemonkeys, formed by the merger of two teams that worked on Electronic Arts mobile hits for several years. Not so long ago a new version of the game called The Sims Mobile was released.

The Sims FreePlay action takes place in Sim Town, modeled on the famous Sunset Valley (Texas, USA). The area is initially completely uninhabited, but over the course of the game the area will be worshiped by residents and new stories that can be unlocked.

As with the full parts of the series, the goal of the game is to freely control the lives of our Sims and decide what they will do, where they will live, or who they will be friends with. All actions taken in the game contribute to increasing the experience and advancement to the next levels, which open up new possibilities in the game, such as more residents limit or new furniture, plants, utensils, etc.

The Sims FreePlay game mechanics

The Sims FreePlay is a typical sandbox game that can be played in different ways. We can send our Sims to work, or take care of interior design, gardening, taking care of animals or perform various household chores. The creators have prepared several different career paths, such as musician, actor, firefighter, teacher, scientist or politician. Our Sims can also dedicate themselves to various hobbies, specific to their current age. The city map is enriched with a number of attractive locations where our characters can participate in various entertainment and activities.

We start the game as an adult sim, but with subsequent game updates, the creators have introduced as many as 5 different life stages (from infancy to old age). Our sim can also die. A peculiar curiosity is the fact that the developers raise moral issues. The ability to have children is allowed only for married sims.

Create your sim

When playing The Sims FreePlay, the first thing you need to do is create a Sim. Players can customize the gender, body, face, skin color, etc. Suppose, if you are an active person, put on your sim in a tracksuit and sneakers. Or, if you want to be a model office worker, suits are a great choice. In particular, "anti-social" actions are also allowed. You can become the bad guy by hanging out at parties all night and getting new tattoos every day.

After creating your character, you must build a house. Players receive a certain amount of money. Use this money to buy building materials and then create your dream home. The truth is that the initial amount of money is quite small, just enough to build a small house. So you have to earn money in the course of the game, for you can download the modification that we offer, which has a lot of money.

Build Relationships

The Sims FreePlay brings us to an open city with lots of people living together. Building relationships, getting to know people is very important. Relationships include family, friends, social relationships and dating. First, try to be friends with people in your neighborhood. Mostly these are good people who are worth trusting. Then, when you have to work, increase your communication with your coworkers and especially your boss. Good conversations will create a lot of opportunities and help you get ahead quickly at work.

The Sims pushes us to find a soul mate. When you advance to a certain point, your Sim will begin to feel depressed with loneliness. Your task is to find him a partner and, if possible, start living together, creating a full-fledged unit of society. You can say that the most interesting interactions in the game will consist of this point, because Sim's psychology is exactly the same as that of humans. It creates a sense of excitement for the player, when you help your character to meet the girl of his dreams.

Technical features of The Sims FreePlay

The game takes place in real time, and the natural limitation of the game's freedom is the time required to perform various actions. These limitations, of course, can be avoided by microtransactions, or our modified APK. Thanks to the in-game currency we will be able to purchase a number of exclusive elements of appearance, finishes for the house or interior design.

Mod Features:

A lot of money
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