Download Blockman Go [MOD Unlimited money] for Android

Download Blockman Go [MOD Unlimited money] for Android
Author:Blockman GO studio
Category:Role Playing
OS:Requires Android - 4.4 and up
Blockman GO is an awesome pixelated Minecraft-style game that is the most important creation of the developers at Blockman GO Studio. Create a fun, very square-shaped character, and then choose from 43 minigames with completely different gameplay to join other users. You can take part in team battles and races or dive into building a sandbox.

Each such game you can run directly from the app, so you don't need to download anything additionally. In addition, the app offers you the possibility to create one avatar for each project. Customize its appearance so that your comrades can always find you in the thick of the battle.

Different mini-games in the game Blockman Go

Since Blockman GO has 43 minigames, it's impossible to tell about all of them. We suggest you explore them on your own, but here are some of the most popular representatives, where most of the gamers live:

Skywars - each of the 8 players has his own island. The main task is to collect weapons and armor, and build a bridge to the central island. Immerse yourself in a battle with only one winner.

Jail Break - Choose the role of a police officer or a criminal. A servant of the law cannot kill criminals, only arrest them. As a criminal, you need to collect books, keys and shovels to escape from prison.

Egg War - Protect Dr. akon your team's egg at all costs. Build defensive structures and fight off the opposing team.

Construction - the system sets a construction theme, and the player must recreate it by following the assignment. Next, each participant evaluates the other players' constructions. The one with the most votes wins. The winner receives the best award.

Each mode has its own rules, read them carefully before you go to the server Blockman GO. Users have a huge range of activities available: resource gathering, alien destruction, building and racing, capturing the flag, mining, PvP battles, and more! Many modes are team-based, so you need to interact with other participants to help each other. You can communicate via chat. Clan system allows you to gather a large number of like-minded people. Together is much easier to win than alone!

Individual skins

We recommend paying attention to the overall scheme of skins. This approach allows players to choose different versions of jewelry and give them the perfect style and appearance. The jewelry is gorgeous and extremely simple, which gives them the perfect look, allowing you to showcase a completely original design.

Blockman GO offers a variety of clothing, shoes, hairstyles, facial expressions, and hair colors, but not all of them are available in the basic account. To expand your customization options, you need to purchase a premium account. It also provides benefits such as a special character badge, in-game store discounts, and increased rewards.

We also want to mention that the game has a built-in chat system that will help to avoid boredom even when playing alone. However the chat system is limited to one game, so the creators also added the clans. Thanks to the clan system the players and the project have competitive potential, because everyone wants to see his clan at the top of the national ladder. The game allows you to invite your friends to the Blockman GO community, after which you can constantly monitor their statistics.

Mod Features:

Unlimited money
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