Download GrandChase [God Mode] for Android

Download GrandChase [God Mode] for Android
Author:Kog Co., Ltd.
Category:Role Playing
OS:Requires Android - 5.0 and up
GrandChase is a free-to-play mobile action role-playing game developed by South Korean game studio KOG Games. It is a sequel to the now-defunct computer MMORPG Grand Chase, which features many of the same characters and environments. The basic gameplay is similar to other gacha role-playing games such as Epic Seven and Fate/Grand Order, except the combat is more action-oriented.

Players can individually target attacks and control their squads to evade danger. Instead of controlling a single character as in the PC version, players control a squad of 4 heroes, each with 2 unique abilities. Players can customize their squad by mixing and matching characters from 5 archetypes, as well as improving and developing them.

GrandChase Key Features

Main features of GrandChase
Addictive gameplay - individually apply skills and control your squad in real-time tactical battles.
AI and manual combat - Like other mobile MMOs, players can choose between automatic and manual combat.
Hero customization. Upgrade, develop and equip each hero in a squad of 4.
Play with others - instant selection of players for team battles and asynchronous PvP battles.
Over 70 Unique Heroes - Collect and improve over 70 unique heroes from rank B to SR (super rare).
5 Unique Hero Types - Build a balanced team using the game's 5 types of heroes: Stormtrooper, Tank, Ranged, Mage, and Support.

Mod Features:

God Mode
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