Download Drive Ahead! [MOD God Mode] for Android

Download Drive Ahead! [MOD God Mode] for Android
Author:Dodreams Ltd.
OS:Requires Android - 5.0 and up
Drive Ahead! - is the most "brutal" racing game for mobile devices. The goal of racers in this game is not to finish first, and defeat their rivals in a 1 on 1 match. Pure racing game Drive Ahead! can not be called. It's more of a mix between fighting game and racing. If you're a brave, pushy and brutal driver, this is the game for you!

Crush Your Opponent

There is no story in this game. All we know is that we are playing as a racer who participates in the arena and wants to beat the other drivers. Tens of thousands of people in the stands are watching what is happening. It turns out that Drive Ahead! - analog of gladiatorial fights. But this sport does not exist on Earth. Therefore, it is likely that the events unfold on another planet.

Controls are implemented in the most primitive (in a good way) way. Press left or right on the screen to control the movement, swipe up to help the car jump. Your task is to control SUVs, trucks, race cars or even tanks with the sole purpose of crushing the enemy. Each time you deal damage to your opponent, you get one star. The driver who gets 5 stars first wins.

Speed is not an important factor in Drive Ahead! Speed is an advantage, but it does not guarantee you victory. Constantly the game throws us new challenges through the addition of clever traps to the courses. For example, flames ready to set your car on fire, or bombs ready to explode at any time. That's why controlling the situation in the location is very important.

Two modes to choose from

The first thing you need to do is to try your hand and gain experience in single-player mode. Complete missions and get valuable rewards. After each match you will receive a certain amount of coins. Coins are used to unlock and improve vehicles. If you like challenges and interaction with other players, then the PvP arena is for you.

Unlock new vehicles

Once you get the money, you can buy the vehicles offered by the game in the store. Each car has its own style. Depending on your preference, you can unlock any vehicle and take it to your garage. Larger cars have a size advantage, but smaller cars have much faster and more mobility.

Pixel Graphics.

Although there are no high quality graphics here, instead the game offers a lot of crazy effects and realistic physical movements. In addition, the pixel graphics have lowered the system requirements somewhat. Funny sounds and humor are the key to helping the game increase its appeal.

Mod Features:

God Mode
Increased damage
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