Download Toca Life World [MOD Unlocked] for Android

Download Toca Life World [MOD Unlocked] for Android
Author:Toca Boca
OS:Requires Android - 5.0 and up
Toca Boca is a well-known developer of games for children. In particular, the Toca Life game series always attracts a lot of attention from players because of its lively graphics and learning elements. Toca Life World is a free game that helps children explore the world and develop their imagination.

How to play Toca Life World

Toca Life: World is designed with a friendly and easy-to-use interface so that even young children can easily figure it out without adult help. The game helps young players explore the world around them. You can move from place to place, decorate characters, or send them to new places to explore. The developers have tried to give maximum freedom. You can do what you like.

You can swipe left or right on the map to go to different areas. Tap the sun to switch to night and tap the moon if you want to switch to daylight hours. If you want to enter a building, tap it.

It's good to have friends to play with. To add characters to a room or move them to another location, you can go to the sidewalk sign in the lower right corner and drag the characters. You can also change the characters' clothing by dragging costumes onto their bodies. You can also create your own unique hairstyles in the hair salon.

If you feel that exploring the places available in the game is not enough, you can go to the store. There are many interesting places and buildings. However, you have to pay real money to master them. In case you don't want your child to accidentally make a purchase, you can go to the settings on the main screen, enter his year of birth and turn off the store display.


In order to stimulate children's imagination, Toca Life: World has clear and colorful graphics. The characters are made in a friendly and fun cartoon style. In addition, the game also has a large map and many buildings to explore.


Toca Life World on Android is a great game that both entertains and develops children. You can try to touch all the objects in the game to see how they work. For example, touch the radio to change the music, or touch the lamp to turn it on or off. From time to time you will see a blue shooting icon in the upper right corner. At that point, you can tap it to record the screen and what you are saying. The maximum video duration is 2 minutes, which you can save in your library for viewing.

Mod Features:

Download Toca Life World [MOD Unlocked] for AndroidDownload Toca Life World [MOD Unlocked] for AndroidDownload Toca Life World [MOD Unlocked] for AndroidDownload Toca Life World [MOD Unlocked] for Android » Educational » Download Toca Life World [MOD Unlocked] for Android