Download My Little Universe [MOD Unlimited Resources] for Android

Download My Little Universe [MOD Unlimited Resources] for Android
Author:SayGames Ltd
OS:Requires Android - 5.0 and up
My Little Universe is a casual project from the developer SayGames. This time you will have to create a unique world with only you, a pickaxe and an axe. Many more resources are also available. To create the perfect planet, the player must mine minerals, collect wood and stone. Create new buildings and sharpen tools on special tools from blacksmiths.

The peaceful exploration of the planet includes treacherous monsters that can appear at any moment and attack your hero. However, you have a pickaxe with which you can fight off the monsters. Well, you need an axe to chop down the forest. Make new discoveries, explore and explore.

My Little Universe begins with a man crashed on a rocket and finds himself in an unknown place. All that remains is to get out, and that requires resources. To make it easier for you, the developers provided the main character with a pickaxe and a hammer. To go to the next section of the location, you will need a certain amount of this or that resource. Sometimes you can get confused in all the variety of minerals presented.

My Little Universe - explore a small, but action-packed world

After a few minutes of play, you'll already be perfectly oriented. During your adventure you will find smelting furnaces for melting metals. This is a great way to get the resource you need, but you'll have to sacrifice another type of metal to do so. Don't forget that you still have to get to the plant through mazes and enemies.

15 types of resources

My Little Universe players have 15 different types of resources to collect. Spend them wisely, because resources can be common or rare. The latter are not so many, so it is worth considering every unit of metal. In addition, it is difficult to determine its exact type. There are gold bars, gold coins, wood, diamonds, some stones, and other hard-to-define types of minerals. Mine rocks from suitable materials, whether wood, stone, etc. Use an axe to mine, less often a pickaxe.

If you thought My Little Universe was just a project about the slow, planned development of a base and a planet, you'd be very wrong. After all, often all their plans cunning mobs want to change. You could say that the project has eight varieties. Often they guard only particularly important objects, such as the forge, but they can also be found randomly on the map. Particularly, you can meet dangerous snowmen, ancient ants, fancy mushroom enemies and usual minions that look like goblins.

8 types of enemies in My Little Universe

Use the pickaxe to defend against enemies. A few blows are enough to defeat the enemy. However, keep in mind that your vitality is also limited, so you may die.

Axe and pickaxe

Here we come to one of the key mechanics of My Little Universe: pumping your tools. You can get regular tools at the beginning of the game, but then you'll get more and more resources, so pumping is important. For example, the second level axe allows you to get not 1, but 2 resources in one hit.

Improved pickaxe works on the same principle and allows you to deal more damage to enemies. It is worth noting that the improvement here is very expensive, but definitely worth the resources spent.

Mod Features:

Unlimited Resources
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