Download Galaxy on Fire 2 [MOD Unlimited money] for Android

Download Galaxy on Fire 2 [MOD Unlimited money] for Android
Author:Deep Silver
OS:Requires Android - 4.1 and up
Galaxy on Fire 2 for Android is a mobile game from Deep Silver. This game about aerial battles on space theme will not leave indifferent fans of science fiction with its attractiveness and beauty.

More about the game

The game offers a story as deep as a fantasy novel. The protagonist of the game is Keith Maxwell. This mercenary, after an accidental accident on a spaceship, has been thrown into another dimension and time in a state of hibernation. Thirty-five years later, when Keith Maxwell wakes up, he sees a very different galaxy before his eyes. Now the galaxy is practically ruled by a strange race with its monstrous wormhole technology. The use of wormholes has also caused an energy imbalance throughout the galaxy, putting the cosmos in a very dangerous situation. You are tasked with eradicating this danger in order to restore the galaxy to its original equilibrium.

At this point, have you ever imagined the vastness and vastness of space in Galaxy on Fire 2? The story doesn't stop at a planet or a few small areas in the galaxy, it takes place across the entire universe. A huge galaxy with more than 20 solar system planets, more than 100 modern space stations, all exquisitely rendered in 3D and all over the place is a dramatic story.

This engaging and profound story, with a spectacular furniture exchange system and a series of dense quest boards with extensive spacecraft and equipment upgrades, promises to bring you a very immersive experience.


Now it's time for gameplay. Galaxy on Fire 2 has a lot to offer. So here I'll just pick out a few things that I'm interested in telling you about.

When you start playing the game, you can choose your own spaceship from 30 huge spaceships. Then choose your own weapons and gear to prepare for the mission. Galaxy on Fire 2 is rife with side quests that are difficult to play and that serve the main mission. For example, you need to land a spaceship on a small meteorite and then use resources to make special equipment for the ship or buy and sell items.

As a result, after several missions you will have your own powerful spaceship in your hands. Unique weapons, fleet systems and the ability to control small parts in it will help you to cope with any strong enemy.

Convenient ship control mechanism

It's not hard to imagine a battleship. But what I want to say here is the mechanism of controlling a spaceship as the protagonist. It's so real that it gives everyone goosebumps. There's a big dark space up ahead. You have to strain your vision to track your target, which is usually quite far away. Then you have to maintain your position at all times, because the spaceship will shake as it enters an unstable environment. Galaxy on Fire 2's ability to replicate space and simulate physics is superb. The unconventional controls in the game are, admittedly, challenging, but once you understand the general principles, you'll feel pretty great.

Aside from the super-fantastic space and intense combat scenes in space, on a smaller scale, the role-playing in Galaxy on Fire 2 is also very good. As the story progresses, the protagonist will receive many different big, and small quests. Each completion will collect a bonus. When you have enough money, you will be able to buy new weapons, equip advanced defense technology for spaceships to then take out enemies.

Fly free across the galaxy in Galaxy on Fire 2

As I told you at the beginning, a strange race that seeks to dominate the galaxy will be our main opponent. In addition, many other alien races have the same goal. If you want to take possession of wormhole technology, then they are also your enemy. In short, you will have different enemies in different regions of the galaxy, on different planets.

In addition, thanks to this multitude of enemies of all kinds, sizes and styles, your character can roam all over the galaxy. Then in every battle, with multiple weapon options and unlimited upgrade systems, you'll be able to create any combat strategy you want, depending on the situation and abilities at each moment. What's interesting about this game is that the manufacturer has been talking about Galaxy on Fire 2 since the game's launch.

Mod Features:

Unlimited money
Download Galaxy on Fire 2 [MOD Unlimited money] for AndroidDownload Galaxy on Fire 2 [MOD Unlimited money] for AndroidDownload Galaxy on Fire 2 [MOD Unlimited money] for AndroidDownload Galaxy on Fire 2 [MOD Unlimited money] for Android » Arcade » Download Galaxy on Fire 2 [MOD Unlimited money] for Android