Download Genshin Impact [MOD Unlimited Money] for Android

Download Genshin Impact [MOD Unlimited Money] for Android
OS:Requires Android - 5.0 and up
Genshin Impact is an RPG with a huge open world. This console-level project looks fantastic on Android devices. Visit seven kingdoms, each professing a different natural element. Meet great heroes along the way and continue your journey as a team. Complete quests, pass through exciting dungeons and fight ferocious bosses to complete your mission. Your main objective in the game is to find your twin. At the beginning of the story, evil forces kidnap him and you lose consciousness. Waking up in a completely unfamiliar place, your adventure begins...

Genshin Impact focuses on seven elements - fire, water, ice, lightning, earth and so on. The game has a huge and fulfilling open world divided into seven large regions. Each of the regions represents a different element with special shrines. Visiting these shrines gives you a unique skill. For example, the first region has a wind shrine. You can gain a magic skill that improves your attacks with powerful wind powers. The second region can provide you with earth element magic and so on.

Use the seven elemental skills in the game Genshin Impact

All enemies in Genshin Impact are quite strong, so you need to combine these elements to fight them. For example, if you set your enemy on fire and then hit him with lightning, the damage is much greater. If you pour water on the enemy and then use the ice element, the enemy will freeze. At the same time, if you first set your enemy on fire and then try to finish him off with water, there will be no effect. Thus, the game becomes very dynamic. You constantly have to choose different characters and skills and every time to think what is better to use. You need to develop your own combat strategy. But the enemies are different too, so you may need your own approach to each one. Some are better to set on fire, to hit with wind and others with ice.

Choose from a variety of characters with their own history and skills

You don't play as one main character; you can unlock different characters during the adventure. There are 17 of them in Genshin Impact. Each character has its own unique character and story. It is worth noting that they all take an active part in the development of the story, as they each have their own quests that open up over the course of the game. The developers divided the heroes into classes - one-handed swordsman, two-handed swordsman, archer, mage and lanceman. However, the main thing is that each of the classes has its own element. Each has its own skills, so you can create separate guides to pump up all of your heroes.

Game Modes and Technical Features of Genshin Impact

For example, the fire archer unleashes a small puppet that explodes near enemies and throws a barrage of arrows. The fire spearman summons a bear, which eats pepper and then spits fire. The Storm Archer summons a Crow and can briefly turn into an Electric Crow. So you have plenty of options to choose from.

Enjoy the gameplay as you go through exciting dungeons

Dungeons are scattered throughout the world of Genshin Impact. These are various quests where you have to go through a maze and kill all the enemies. At the same time, dungeons are different and are divided into arenas, dungeons with puzzles and daily adventures that you can pass every day and get interesting bonuses. Some dungeons you will go through the main plot of the game, and some you can find on your own.

Cook food to become stronger

Collect ingredients and unlock recipes to prepare food that heals, revives, increases damage or defense characteristics. In order to cook, you have to find a cauldron and light it. Moreover, you have to play a fascinating mini-game, where you have to throw food into the cauldron in time. The food in the game is very important, because you always need the buffs and cure.

Genshin Impact's storyline

Genshin Impact has a unique upgrade system.
As you go through the various actions, you can upgrade your adventure rank, which gives you more options with its upgrades. For example, cooperative playthroughs only open from level 18. You will not be able to enter many dungeons and storylines if you have a low adventure rank. There is a guild in the main city of Genshin Impact, where you can receive gifts after upgrading, as well as daily quests.

Team up with friends and go on exciting raids

Genshin Impact is not an MMORPG, but you can still play it with your friends. Team up and go through exciting dungeons in cooperative mode. Attack bosses together to get valuable loot from them. Just enjoy your time together in this gorgeous and beautiful game.

Mod Features:

Unlimited Money
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