Download Standoff 2 [MOD Unlimited money] for Android

Download Standoff 2 [MOD Unlimited money] for Android
OS:Requires Android - 4.4 and up
Standoff 2 for Android is a popular shooter that will send players into crazy battles. The game was released by Axlebolt, a publisher from Russia. It is the next version of the popular first-person shooter series on cell phones. Many people think that the second part of Standoff is "CS: GO on mobile devices" because the game is heavily upgraded in terms of graphics and contains many new things like weapons, maps, game modes, etc.

Standoff 2 - the return of the legend

Welcome to Standoff 2, where fierce firefights take place on the fiercest battlefields. As in most FPS games, you choose one of two opposing forces - counter-terrorist or terrorist - and then fight with your comrades, defeating your enemies.


Overall, gameplay is similar to a traditional FPS with lots of competitive and classic maps. To play this game well, you need quick reflexes and accuracy in every situation. If you die, you have to wait until the end of the round.

New players often have difficulty in these games. They often panic when faced with enemies and often make bad decisions in every battle. If you encounter this situation, don't worry, you will soon become a pro in Standoff 2.

Although this game is difficult for beginners to play, Standoff 2 brings justice to players. Win or lose is about the skill and ability to work as a team with your teammates, not a pay to win game.

Weapons in the game Standoff 2

Standoff 2 on android is full of traditional shooter weapons. You can own legendary weapons such as the AK 47 or M4A1, Desert Eagle in different ways. Weapons are purchased with virtual money or you can use cash to buy skins for them. Completing quests and opening mysterious gift boxes is also a way to acquire better weapons.

Lots of new modes

In addition to Deathmatch mode, Standoff 2 has two more interesting modes: Defuse The Bomb and Arms Race. Also new mode additions have been added to the game, such as Capture the Flag, Robbery and tournaments. The high interactivity between gamers is not only about fighting together, but also about communication in the game and it allows players to exchange the weapons or costumes, weapon skins.

If you have played Counter Strike, then you know that Defuse The Bomb is the legendary CS mode. Terrorists are trying to plant a bomb and the cops are trying to keep that from happening.

Awesome Graphics

Speaking of graphics, Standoff 2 has amazing graphics compared to mobile action games. The 3D graphics are realistic and detailed. The graphics in the game are realistic and detailed in high quality. In addition, there are 6 different types of maps in the game. Each map opens a new strategy that requires you to adapt if you want to win.

Features of the Mod:

Unlimited money
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