Download Shadow Fight 2 [MOD Money] for Android

Download Shadow Fight 2 [MOD Money] for Android
Author:Nekki - Action and Fighting Games
OS:Requires Android - 4.4 and up
Shadow Fight 2 is an updated version of Shadow Fight, the successful fighting game released by Nekki.

In Shadow Fight 2, you will turn into an invincible samurai warrior who travels the world in search of the strongest opponents. Defeating everyone in his path, in the heart of our hero born pride, thereby breaking the main code of samurai. Because of this the seal of the Gate of Shadows is broken. It is here that the most dangerous enemies are imprisoned. The world of darkness has been liberated and now all living things are in danger. Protagonist decides to correct his mistake and defeat the evil spirits, and we will help him in this.


Shadow Fight 2 has gameplay similar to traditional RPGs such as Tekken, Mortal Kombat. Your job is to engage in 1-on-1 battles against your opponents, using the control keys to move, attack and avoid the attacks of goitrous spirit warriors. Most importantly, you must constantly combine keys to create skills and powerful combos.

The game is divided into several levels with different difficulty levels from easy to extremely difficult. The first level is an introductory one. We will be taught the basic game constants. The next stages will have increased difficulty, you will have to adapt to your opponent's combat technique.

Game Modes

This game is not for hasty people. You need to have a certain amount of patience if you want to get through the entire storyline. The storyline consists of seven chapters with 7 bosses. The bosses are quite strong and you can't just overpower them. You'll have to work up a sweat here. Without pumping the protagonist is not enough. You will need to improve your strength, equipment and skills, and constantly attack. After you kill the boss, you can unlock the storyline and new modes:

ascension: defeating this mode will give you special outfits and special attributes;

Design and Graphics

Nekki has created a very pleasant and friendly 2D game. Instead of highlighting the object in the background, the game highlights the background when the object is completely black. This is understandable because the game's storyline matches the graphic style. Shadow Fight 2, on the other hand, has very democratic system requirements. So simple by today's standards graphics will allow to run the game even on weak devices.

Mod Features:

A lot of money
Unlocked menu
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