Download Crime Revolt [MOD Fire Rate] for Android

Download Crime Revolt [MOD Fire Rate] for Android
Author:Edkon Games GmbH
OS:Requires Android - 4.1 and up
Crime Revolt is a classic multiplayer first person shooter in which you can fight with players from all over the world.

A long time ago, when many people didn't have their own computers, they had to visit computer clubs. Someone attended them to study, and someone spent hours hanging out in their favorite Counter-Strike. And now in this, saturated with nostalgia, the game appeared brainchild for gadgets. Of course, with newer graphics, more carefully thought-out physics, and improved visuals. That's at least four reasons to start playing Crime Revolt right now!

The assortment of weapons and equipment here is also much wider than in CS. You even have the option to fight with a katana in your hand, almost like a Japanese samurai. Or you can wear a cute cap and confuse your opponents. Also, in the course of the game you will need to improve it all, as well as pass all sorts of interesting missions, of course for a pleasant reward. Participate in unique modes and win!

Crime Revolt MOD Fire Rate - excellent online shooter for android for those who can not forget the former glory of the legendary Counter Strike. Fighting with real players, you can pretty well otochit their skills in combat in extreme conditions, meanwhile earning yourself a new outfit (helmets, bulletproof vests and other clothing). And the variety of new weapons will only delight fans of serious guns. Carry out the most brutal firefights in various locations, create your own strategy and come out the winner of any confusion.

On top of the standard game modes (Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Sniper Mode and a few more new ones) in Crime Revolt you can test your strength in zombie fashion and see how strong you are fighting against these eternally hungry creatures. Create your own universal soldier and start brutally slaughtering your enemies from all over the world. Play fun and earn new ranks for completing your tasks.

Crime Revolt Game Features:

Realistic 3D graphics;
Sophisticated physics and cool special effects;
Huge selection of weapons and equipment;
Multiplayer game;
Large selection of game modes;
A huge number of maps;
Possibility to create your own personal clan with fighters.

Mod Features:

- Built in anti-bot;

- Increased Fire Rate.
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